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Eintrag vom: 22.08.2007 | 18:29 Uhr
Name: Lisan Homan
Message: Hi, here\‘s my promised message for Richi! ;) The photo\‘s are really beautiful, especially the ones with the boat on the background! So I think you were right.. You are the best photographer, haha. I enjoyed the flight so much, it was really awesom! Thanks for the great flight! with love, lisan

Eintrag vom: 21.08.2007 | 16:56 Uhr
Name: Sarah and Adam
Message: Had a great flight. Struggled to get the flight because of weather but the guys kept in contact and we eventually did it. Guys were very helpful and enthusistic. Very friendly.

Eintrag vom: 20.08.2007 | 15:38 Uhr
Name: Peatch Buhler
Message: Great flight to Jungfrau-Joch (Top of Europ) over the glacier

Eintrag vom: 14.08.2007 | 13:16 Uhr
Name: Phil Jupp
Message: G‘day Raymond, Here‘s a photo of you and me on the 9th of July ‘07. What a great day. Thanks heaps. Keep on rocking. Phil (Perth, Australia)

Eintrag vom: 12.08.2007 | 22:22 Uhr
Name: Doris Spengeler-Emond
Message: Hello to you all from Canada! I will never forget my awesome flight from the Beatenberg on July 25th with Roberto. It was simply fantastic, the thrill of flying like a bird, along with the beautiful scenery all around me, wow, what an experience just breathtaking! Roberto my "pilot" was the best, in my opinion he is the company‘s best kept secret. I will be back next year for "the great" one. Until then I will be flying with you in my dreams. Vielen Dank, Robert

Eintrag vom: 10.08.2007 | 19:00 Uhr
Name: Paul Emond
Message: Here‘s a photo of the 3 of us "experimental flyers" with Peach (Peter)

Eintrag vom: 10.08.2007 | 04:51 Uhr
Name: Paul Emond
Message: Here is another photo for you guys. This may be common site for you who live this wonderful life of flying but for us earthbound people it is was enchantment.! ;-)

Eintrag vom: 10.08.2007 | 04:46 Uhr
Name: Paul Emond
Message: Greetings fellows of Freedom! This was one the highlights of our trip. Simply loved it. Rich was great at his role of entertainer, photographer, stand up comedian oh yes pilot as well... :) Next time we are coming for the big flight, get ready dudes. To all of you Peter, Robi, Rich, Nicole, Julian et al thank you.

Eintrag vom: 06.08.2007 | 17:31 Uhr
Name: Diana Essid
Message: Danke!!!!!!!!!!!Das war eines der eindrucksvollsten Ereignisse in meinem Leben. Es ist einfach unbeschreiblich dieses Gefühl vom Fliegen!!!!!!!! Was braucht man mehr zum glücklich sein? Einen super Piloten und einen Schirm........ und jetzt bin ich süchtig !!!!!! Danke Christian!!!!! Ihr seid ein super Team und das nächste freie Wochenende mit schönem Wetter gehört Interlaken. Ganz sicher seht Ihr mich wieder.....Liebe Grüße von Diana

Eintrag vom: 30.07.2007 | 21:52 Uhr
Name: farah ..
Message: i really had fun ,, it was the best times of my life flying with you it was a beatifull ,hope we meet again!!

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