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Eintrag vom: 07.09.2007 | 23:43 Uhr
Name: Sanjay Kolekar
Message: Yahoo! Im flying...Thanks to Nicole my Pilot..I had the most exuberent experience of my life.

Eintrag vom: 05.09.2007 | 10:50 Uhr
Name: Leandro Rodrigues
Message: Hi Just another very nice picture to share with you Thanks

Eintrag vom: 05.09.2007 | 10:45 Uhr
Name: Leandro Rodrigues
Message: Hi I did have a great time with you. Lovely town and amazing people. Leo.

Eintrag vom: 26.08.2007 | 21:02 Uhr
Name: Julian Burger
Message: Hallo Ich bin am 23,8,07 bei Stralendem sonnenschein geflogen. Mit hat es sehr viel Spaß gemacht. Natürlich war auch der Pilot Super. Gruß Julian Aus: DE

Eintrag vom: 26.08.2007 | 10:26 Uhr
Name: Rupali Madhok
Message: hey richie....thanx a lot for the cool paragliding ride....loved the rolercoaster swings....im definitely gonna do it again when i come to visit interlaken again...Rupali....\\\"the name that starts with R right???!!!\\\"

Eintrag vom: 22.08.2007 | 18:32 Uhr
Name: Lisan Homan
Message: I believe something went wrong, because I don‘t see the picture.. So I‘ll try it again!

Eintrag vom: 22.08.2007 | 18:29 Uhr
Name: Lisan Homan
Message: Hi, here\‘s my promised message for Richi! ;) The photo\‘s are really beautiful, especially the ones with the boat on the background! So I think you were right.. You are the best photographer, haha. I enjoyed the flight so much, it was really awesom! Thanks for the great flight! with love, lisan

Eintrag vom: 21.08.2007 | 16:56 Uhr
Name: Sarah and Adam
Message: Had a great flight. Struggled to get the flight because of weather but the guys kept in contact and we eventually did it. Guys were very helpful and enthusistic. Very friendly.

Eintrag vom: 20.08.2007 | 15:38 Uhr
Name: Peatch Buhler
Message: Great flight to Jungfrau-Joch (Top of Europ) over the glacier

Eintrag vom: 14.08.2007 | 13:16 Uhr
Name: Phil Jupp
Message: G‘day Raymond, Here‘s a photo of you and me on the 9th of July ‘07. What a great day. Thanks heaps. Keep on rocking. Phil (Perth, Australia)

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