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Eintrag vom: 02.05.2007 | 15:21 Uhr
Name: Karin Büsser
Message: Schön war‘s....!

Eintrag vom: 24.04.2007 | 22:02 Uhr
Name: Hanny Maurer
Message: Hallo Pitsch, Der Flug war super und ich möchte es noch einmal wiederholen. Ich wünsche Dir alles gute und auf bald.Hanny Ich melde mich!!!!!

Eintrag vom: 20.04.2007 | 14:29 Uhr
Name: nori ~
Message: Thank you for the experience on 06 April 2007, 1600hrs! I\‘ve recommended it to friends back in Singapore.. It\‘s worth the jump! See you guys soon!

Eintrag vom: 10.04.2007 | 20:52 Uhr
Name: Louis Eisenhut
Message: Have been flying again, insted of doing homework ...... Best regards Louis

Eintrag vom: 25.03.2007 | 10:00 Uhr
Name: Julia Curtain
Message: Hey Guys! Had a great flight and a top Pilot! A brilliant experience, have to do it again!!!

Eintrag vom: 04.03.2007 | 17:38 Uhr
Name: Jessica Stokes
Message: YEA! I loved this company! They were great! I still have to scan the pictures from up in the sky- but I will soon! This is me landing! One of the best things I have ever done! Thanks....!

Eintrag vom: 23.02.2007 | 23:38 Uhr
Name: Heidi Gaulke
Message: Thanks for a wonderful time!

Eintrag vom: 25.12.2006 | 16:06 Uhr
Name: Omar Ahmed
Message: WWWWWWOW!!!!! Unforgetable! Pic says it all!!

Eintrag vom: 25.12.2006 | 15:52 Uhr
Name: Yunus U
Message: huh...lovely time!!! sweet memories!!!!

Eintrag vom: 22.10.2006 | 08:06 Uhr
Name: Eddy Yip
Message: It was a wonderful experience.... another kind of flying that I‘ve never encountered! Thanks... pilot from Singapore.

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