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Eintrag vom: 14.09.2006 | 19:28 Uhr
Name: Michel Duijzings
Message: Während unsere Feriën in Interlaken haben meine Freundin Ingrid und ich mit zwei euer Piloten einen Tandemflug gemacht. Dasz war das erste mahl und es war WUNDERFOLL!! Eine Sensation! Vielen Dank dafür und wir hoffen...bis noch einmahl!!

Eintrag vom: 11.09.2006 | 12:10 Uhr
Name: Pankaj Singhal
Message: Thanks, it was a wonderful experience and much more exciting than I imagined.

Eintrag vom: 03.09.2006 | 23:19 Uhr
Name: emma hodson
Message: thanks so much for an amazing experience in interlaken it was truely incredible. thanks again emma x

Eintrag vom: 03.09.2006 | 17:50 Uhr
Name: Didier FROEHLY
Message: SUPER - SUPER - SUPER - SUPER see you ! Didier

Eintrag vom: 03.09.2006 | 12:15 Uhr
Message: Salut les champions, quel pied... un vrai bonheur ce vol .. Une belle experience a renouveller. Bon courage et a tres vite. Didier

Eintrag vom: 28.08.2006 | 08:26 Uhr
Name: Alan Saunders
Message: Thanks Guys Rebecca was 3rd down on monday 11th Aug after Harriet and Richard as you can see from the smile the bug is alive and awaiting a return to the air. We also talked to some guys at launching at Murren and found a club local to us at home (I.O.Wight) for the future. Regards Alan

Eintrag vom: 27.08.2006 | 16:02 Uhr
Name: Nadja Meier
Message: Grazcha fich per quel bel svoul! Que d‘eira fich speziel! Fin bainbod Jessica e Nadja, cun Familia Meier Engiadina

Eintrag vom: 25.08.2006 | 20:24 Uhr
Name: Harriet Dixon
Message: Hi! Thanks so much for the great flight you gave me! I loved every second of it! Thanks again! Harriet

Eintrag vom: 23.08.2006 | 18:28 Uhr
Name: rachel lyon
Message: wow was an amazing experiance! nothing to be nervous about at all! everyone really friendly! had a great time! thank you so much twin paragliding!

Eintrag vom: 23.08.2006 | 16:20 Uhr
Name: Michael Reimann
Message: Wooooaaaoooow! What an experience to fly like an eagle. I still can not believe that I have done this. There was not any fear or stress just a peaceful surrounding and a steady light breaze. Roebi is a super experienced pilot and gave me an incredible flight. Thank you Roebi, thank you Twin Paragliding!

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