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Eintrag vom: 03.09.2006 | 12:15 Uhr
Message: Salut les champions, quel pied... un vrai bonheur ce vol .. Une belle experience a renouveller. Bon courage et a tres vite. Didier

Eintrag vom: 28.08.2006 | 08:26 Uhr
Name: Alan Saunders
Message: Thanks Guys Rebecca was 3rd down on monday 11th Aug after Harriet and Richard as you can see from the smile the bug is alive and awaiting a return to the air. We also talked to some guys at launching at Murren and found a club local to us at home (I.O.Wight) for the future. Regards Alan

Eintrag vom: 27.08.2006 | 16:02 Uhr
Name: Nadja Meier
Message: Grazcha fich per quel bel svoul! Que d‘eira fich speziel! Fin bainbod Jessica e Nadja, cun Familia Meier Engiadina

Eintrag vom: 25.08.2006 | 20:24 Uhr
Name: Harriet Dixon
Message: Hi! Thanks so much for the great flight you gave me! I loved every second of it! Thanks again! Harriet

Eintrag vom: 23.08.2006 | 18:28 Uhr
Name: rachel lyon
Message: wow was an amazing experiance! nothing to be nervous about at all! everyone really friendly! had a great time! thank you so much twin paragliding!

Eintrag vom: 23.08.2006 | 16:20 Uhr
Name: Michael Reimann
Message: Wooooaaaoooow! What an experience to fly like an eagle. I still can not believe that I have done this. There was not any fear or stress just a peaceful surrounding and a steady light breaze. Roebi is a super experienced pilot and gave me an incredible flight. Thank you Roebi, thank you Twin Paragliding!

Eintrag vom: 20.08.2006 | 13:19 Uhr
Name: loulou Ball
Message: Merci viel mal für das tolle Erlebnis- möchte es gerne mal wieder machen und kann es nur weiterempfehlen. Das muss man echt mal gemacht haben. liebe Grüsse und besonderen Dank an Nicä :-)

Eintrag vom: 18.08.2006 | 12:58 Uhr
Name: Tal Aronson
Message: I was soooo nervous before the flight, but the second we tookoff it all washed away. Total peace, it was beautiful.

Eintrag vom: 15.08.2006 | 19:28 Uhr
Name: *Nina **
Message: Hallo zäme, isch mega cool so Flüge, nume bim Lande simer umkeit ... zum glück sis miner 1. Zäng :).

Eintrag vom: 13.08.2006 | 18:35 Uhr
Name: Andrew Wilson
Message: Thanks again Richi for another great flight! Andrew

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