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Eintrag vom: 13.08.2008 | 16:32 Uhr
Name: Jean Freeman-Allen
Message: Hi Richie - this has got to have been my best experience yet. Hope to come back again next year for some more. Jean

Eintrag vom: 12.08.2008 | 21:59 Uhr
Name: Pam Lyon
Message: Raymont - Thanks for a fabulous flight and the funniest movie ever! Hope to film the sequal next year! Pam from Liverpool

Eintrag vom: 11.08.2008 | 16:42 Uhr
Name: Begoña Casasus
Message: Hola Richi!! Aquí “Flor” ;-) Fue genial volar contigo. Todavía echo de menos la sensación. Estoy segura de que volveré a probar la experiencia pero esta vez sin gritar!! Great pics and nice memories that I’m bringing back. Thanks so much for being the “PR”, it was really fun. I’ll recommend paragliding to everyone. I hope to see you again. Besos, Begoña

Eintrag vom: 10.08.2008 | 23:48 Uhr
Name: Donna D‘Silva
Message: Roph Ulrich Thanks for the great experience. This is something I will never forget. Loved the video. You are good photographer. Donna

Eintrag vom: 03.08.2008 | 21:38 Uhr
Name: Bärnu -
Message: Hallo Remo Merci nomau für dä cool Flug. Schad het ds Wätter nid so mitgspielt wie gwünscht (liechte Räge vorem Start)... Aber dr Thermik-Flug het trotzdäm gfägt... zumal mer no e Speziallandig im Fäld hei häregleit! ;-) Guet Flug u no besseri Thermik... i chume im Winter wieder!

Eintrag vom: 02.08.2008 | 00:10 Uhr
Name: Musab Bawazeer
Message: Salam Alyikum, that was my first time fly as bird I would like to thank Jeff and I will do it agin when ever I have the chance

Eintrag vom: 27.07.2008 | 18:44 Uhr
Name: María Garriga
Message: Hola, Volar en parapente en Interlaken ha sido una experiencia alucinante. Se la recomiendo a todo el mundo. No lo olvidaré jamás. Gracias.

Eintrag vom: 24.07.2008 | 23:13 Uhr
Name: Richi Dean
Message: by the way: you do not have to run as fast as Carl Lewis to go paragliding.

Eintrag vom: 24.07.2008 | 23:06 Uhr
Name: Richi Dean
Message: hier ein schönes Startfoto. Remo am Starten. Richi am Fotografieren...bis gli

Eintrag vom: 23.07.2008 | 21:13 Uhr
Name: John Yaeger
Message: I went paragliding 7 years ago in Interlaken (can‘t remember the company) but this year blew it away! We had to be in the air for at least 25-30 minutes. Felt safe but was a rush! Highly recommend this company. I went on June 29th this year with Nicole.

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